Gutters need to be in good condition to prevent them from overflowing during heavy downpours.

Broken or rusty gutters can lead to flooding in your home so it is imperative to check the condition of your guttering regularly, particularly leading up to storm season. Regular manual clearing of the gutters or the use of gutter guard materials is essential, especially if they are prone to nearby leaf matter.

The most common issue with gutters is that they either have holes in them through general exposure to the weather or their shape has been compromised leading to gaps in their fit with the rest of the roof.

The roof fascia board, or roof fascia, is essentially the supportive structure that will bear the weight of your metal roof gutters. The fascia is the long horizontal bars mounted to support the gutters. Often referred to as the roofline, roof fascia’s take the brunt of the weight of your roof gutters. In a heavy downpour, a considerable amount of water (even several litres per second,)
can wash down your downpipes, so it is important to have a sturdy support system to protect your home from flooding or structural failure.

Made from quality COLORBOND®; and ZINCALUME®; steel, metal fascia is straight, won’t shrink or warp and will last a lifetime. Metal fascia is used as both fascia and barge and is mounted on adjustable pressed steel brackets using a very simple fixing method.